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Caitlin Gooch- Wrangler Cowgirl To The Core

Photo by Wrangler, Bryan Regan

Did you know Wrangler jeans are literally the best jeans for tall people? OMG! I had my first chance to wear Wrangler jeans when I did a photoshoot with them. Yes, I did a photoshoot with Wrangler.

Prior to this photoshoot, I typically wore Old Navy or Hollister jeans because they were pretty cheap and had a decent length. I am kind of tall so not most jeans cover my ankles. Had I known Wrangler jeans were so comfortable and fitting this entire time, I would have bought them a long time ago. By the way, I have nothing to promote for them. I am simply sharing the cheat code.

When Wrangler reached out to me saying they wanted to cover me for their #CowgirlToTheCore series, I knew it would be something great. Once we settled on a date I made arrangements for a loc appointment. Maintenance for my locs has been fairly simply but I did not want to retwist and style my hair on my own. It would have been too much for me. I did just have a baby a few weeks prior to this. My loctician hooked me up with this style and the photographer and brand managers loved it too.

Later that week it was finally photoshoot day. Their team came out to scout a few back drops then we went to work. Sooooo much fun! I had to change my clothes in my car multiple times. Whenever they got an idea for a pose we would change and head over to the perfect spot. I felt empowered during the entire shoot. They gave such positive feedback. When I changed poses they would say, "looks great" or "beautiful" or "you look amazing." I cherish those words. It's not always easy feeling great about your appearance right after having a baby.

As we walked around the farm I would tell them about the horses and my upbringing. We walked from the white vynl fence, into the overgrown pasture where the RV from my childhood was parked. I promise this was not planned. They took this photo of me in front of the RV but look at the shirt I had on. It matches perfect. The colors and the stripes. What's funny is, the clothes I had on in the shoot weren't even the clothes I was supposed to wear. We took so many pictures in front of this RV. They met my dog Princess who follows me wherever I go. She allowed them to take 3 pictures of her and she went on with her day.

Photo by Chris Facey

I could go on and on about my experience with Wrangler. I am just thankful they took the time to schedule the photoshoot. I would have never know these jeans fit so good.

Here's the actual Cowboy To The Core write up. Click here to view it on Instagram.

"Three simple words became a mantra for this equestrian from Wendell, NC: Spread love y’all. ​

Caitlin Gooch says that, to make the world a better place, be yourself and walk your own path - all while sharing the love. Caitlin forged her path when she began riding horses at the age of three. Growing up with horses was a blessing and she wanted to share that with her community. After volunteering with a local Boys & Girls Club, Caitlin saw an opportunity to bridge her love for horses, children, and reading. In her research, she realized there was a significant gap in literacy rates between black and brown children versus white children.​

This was the spark that ignited the idea for Saddle Up And Read. The non-profit began with Caitlin inviting local families to her father’s farm to interact with her horses and read, and steadily grew as she worked with local libraries to create a reading rewards program. Caitlin spread the word however possible, even visiting classrooms to read students books on black equestrians, horse care, and more.​

As of 2019, Saddle Up and Read became an established 501(c)(3) non-profit, and helps countless children learn the joys of reading through experiences with horses. Caitlin has blazed a trail when it comes to increasing children’s literacy rates and continues to provide well-deserved representation for the black western community through her own work and the donation of inclusive books that support the mission of Saddle Up and Read."

Thank you for sharing my story. I hope to collaborate again. - The Black Cowgirl


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