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Guardians of the Equines Academy

Guardians of the Equines Academy 2024 Enrollment
Guardians of the Equines Academy 2024 Enrollment
2024 Enrollment. Monthly $155 package of 4 lessons per month. One group lesson per week. Each lesson is 1 hour. Rain or shine we will still have our scheduled lesson. Ages 7-16
Date and time is TBD
6400 Knightdale-Eagle Rock Rd, Wendell, NC 27591, USA

Guardians of the Equines Academy

Guardians of the Equines Academy is a program designed for youth interested in a positive foundation with horses. The program focuses on proper care for horses, grooming, tacking, balanced riding, and long term plans within the horse industry.


These are weekly group lessons paid monthly. Currently we are only onboarding 2 groups with 4 students in each group. 

  • Is horse experience or riding required for a child to participate?
    Our summer camp is horse beginner friendly. Experience is not required.
  • Who will be with the campers throughout the day?
    Myself, adult volunteers, and high school and/or college interns.
  • Do you have parent orientation?
    At this time we do not have parent orientation but it is something we will consider in the future.
  • Are the children riding horses during camp?
    There is riding during horse camp. The focus is to teach kids balance.
  • What kind of animals will they interact with?
    Horses, chickens, goats, sheep, and pigs.
  • What should the kids wear?
    Campers should wear closed toe shoes (boots are not required but feel free to bring them), pants or long shorts, t-shirt, and a hat if needed. Please no clothes that are too tight. No crocs allowed.
  • Is this suitable for non-Black children?
    Yes. While our focus is creating space for Black youth, it is not only limited to Black youth.
  • What is a typical day at camp like?
    A typical day at Guardians of the Equines Summer Camp is designed to be both structured and flexible, tailored to the interests of the children attending. Here's an overview of what a day at camp looks like: Welcome Period: We start the day with a warm welcome and orientation to set the tone for a fun and engaging day ahead. Walk and Mindfulness Session: We begin with a leisurely walk and a mindfulness session to help campers connect with nature and set a positive mindset for the day. Horse Routine: Campers learn the routine for caring for and interacting with the horses, including grooming, feeding, and handling. Horse Activity: Each day includes a hands-on activity with the horses, such as riding lessons, ground work, or bonding exercises. Snack Break: We take a break to refuel with a nutritious snack and hydrate before continuing with the day's activities. Daily Activity: Campers participate in a themed activity or workshop related to horsemanship, nature, or outdoor adventure. Lunch: A delicious and wholesome lunch is provided to keep campers energized for the afternoon. Terminology Session: Campers learn about horse-related terminology and concepts to deepen their understanding of horsemanship. Playtime: We end the day with some free play or structured games, allowing campers to unwind and socialize with their peers. While our days are packed with exciting activities, we also prioritize the well-being of our campers and take breaks as needed to rest and recharge. Our goal is to provide a balanced and enriching experience that fosters a love for horses and the outdoors
  • Is there a sibling or multi-child discount?
    At this moment there is not. Please note our early bird registration which is discounted.
  • What time is pickup and drop off?
    Drop off starts at 8:45am. Pickup is at 3pm. There is a late fee if picking up late. Please be on time.
  • Can parents or guardians observe the sessions at the Horsemanship Academy?
    Parents/guardians can sit in their cars during the sessions. This is to limit any risks and keep students from being distracted. Parents/guardians can volunteer with the horses that are not being used for the academy.
  • Are there any scholarships or financial assistance options available for the Horsemanship Academy?
    Scholarships will be open soon. Please check the website for further details.
  • Do students need prior experience with horses to participate in the Horsemanship Academy?
    Students do not need prior experience with horses or riding.
  • What is the cost of enrollment in the Horsemanship Academy?
    Our horsemanship academy is $155 per month for 4 lessons. These are group lessons not private lessons.
  • How long are the sessions at the Horsemanship Academy?
    Each session is 1 hour
  • Are there any prerequisites or requirements for joining the Horsemanship Academy?
    No but we would like for you to join our Happy Hooves 4-H club.
  • What age groups does the Guardians of the Equines Horsemanship Academy cater to?
    We are open to 6yo-19yo beginners or young equestrians needing to refresh their horsemanship skills.
  • Are there any safety measures or protocols in place during the sessions?
    We go over all safety measures in our first visit. Helmets are required and we can help with proper helmet fit.
  • How do we register our child for the Horsemanship Academy?
    Please visit our website to register
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