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Sponsor the Future of the Horse Industry


Welcome to The Black Cowgirl's Horsemanship Academy and Summer Camp sponsorship program!

At The Black Cowgirl, we are dedicated to fostering inclusivity and breaking down barriers in the horse industry. Recognizing the importance of providing opportunities for Black youth, we invite you to support our mission by sponsoring a child for our horsemanship academy or summer camp.


Your contribution will enable us to offer scholarships, ensuring that aspiring equestrians, regardless of their background, can access the transformative experiences and education our programs provide. This commitment is vital to continuing the legacy of Black equestrians, ensuring future generations have equal access to the rich heritage and opportunities within the horse industry.


Join us in creating a more inclusive and diverse equestrian community, where every child has the chance to explore the joys of horsemanship and build lifelong skills. Together, let's make a positive impact on the future of our guardians of the equines and contribute to the enduring legacy of Black excellence in horsemanship.

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