Caitlin Gooch is excited to connect virtually. She believes representation is important and strives to show kids what is possible for them. Caitlin Gooch wants every kid to realize they each have unique gifts. Her goal is for them to believe in themselves unapologetically and create more of what their imagination leads them to.

See below for information her current offerings. If you have additional questions, please use the contact form.

Virtual Visits

30 minutes

Caitlin Gooch Wrangler Barn Stall

Caitlin shares stories from her childhood with horses. This is a great way to spark imagination in children. Imagination is a wonderful tool and Caitlin wants kids to use theirs! Includes time for Q&A.

Black Equestrian Stories

30 minutes

Caitlin shares stories about historical Black equestrians and her own life as an equestrian. A lot of work goes into caring for horses. Learn about how she gets it done while being inspired by the trailblazer equestrians who came before her.